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The Bumpy Road Podcast

Slip slop slapping the Avocado tree - Lewis Price

Decked out in his flamingo shirt and fabulous moustache Lewis Price explains his adventures of sunscreening Avocado trees, working with back packers and overcoming cancer while at uni.

Lesson 1: Don't be a moron - Stuart Scott

It's not very often someone would describe their younger self as a moron. This is however the candid and refreshing reflection of Stuart Scott - CEO of Studium.

Death (of the sandwich) and taxes - Rob Bentley

Rob Bentley has worked at global firm Pricewaterhouse Coopers for almost 20 years and knows just how you make yourself known in an interview.

How to Polish a Leader - Stephen Bushell

What did you want to be growing up?...... Superwoman, a Fireman or perhaps a Doctor? For Stephen Bushell his aspirations looked a little different.

Airing out the laundry, from dishes to Director - Cath Hart

At just 15 years of age Cath Hart made the brave decision to live independently. With little money to support herself and washing dishes at a nearby hospital - her home was nothing more than an old laundry...

Tell me your future - Professor David Gibson

Director of Learning Futures and UNESCO Chair of Data Science in Higher Learning and Teaching - David Gibson shares how to end up in a career you're made for, the 5 areas of successful leadership and how to understand Aussie slang.

Bread, jam & a bare didgeridoo man - Levi Islam

Levi Islam certainly faced difficult circumstances in the early years of his life, but an active choice to tread his own path including learning to play the didgeridoo (albeit with some odd advice on how to) and helping those in today's jail system, has led Levi to be a leader with a different perspective and insights.

Not all heroes wear capes .... some brew beer - Shannon Mizen

Shannon Mizen shows how those 'left of centre' kids can make their way in the business of ......owning a business.

On Air Chemistry - Pamela Magill

From a degree in organic chemistry to becoming boss at a television news station. It's been an unusual journey for one of Western Australia's most experienced Executive Editors.

The 'privileged' Aussie Greek Lawyer - Kosta Lucas

What happens when you are sitting in a law degree lecture and realise you don't want to be a lawyer? This was the situation for Kosta Lucas the Greek Australian who has since found himself in the rare area of countering violent extremism.

A jab at Grey's Anatomy and a dose of truth - Dr Adam Howard

Tune in to hear more about the beauty of health care, why you shouldn’t get into it to just buy a Maserati and dealing with death.

Up Steve creek without a paddle - Steve Bird

Sprint Kayaker and dual Olympian Steve Bird shares his thoughts on the definition of success, how to be a better loser for the ultra competitive and just who you should be taking advice from.

The purpose of digging - Cristian Magri

Mining General Manager Cristian Magri - joins The Bumpy Road to chat about how he finds value in his work not just by earning $$$ and how to go from that guy that would rather just do it himself to being a collaborator.

Blowing up the Business - Kalien Selby

Going to boarding school at age 5, losing her Dad and then having to pack up and leave home for a safer life - Kalien Selby's resilience is unfathomable.

UpStart Podcast

Episode 102 - Dividing up the pie

On Episode 102 of the UpStart podcast Will and Stu discuss how and when to share slices of your business.

Episode 101 - How to make your first hire

On Episode 101 of the UpStart podcast Will and Stu kick-start the season by tackling one of the most challenging topics in the startup process - how to make your first hire.