6 Jobs You Can Do During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Universities across Australia are starting to run classes online due to COVID-19, leaving many uni students with a bit of extra time up their sleeves to work casually.

Unfortunately, the industries that tend to hire students – retail and hospitality – are being significantly impacted by the pandemic, but we’re here to tell you it’s not all doom and gloom.

There is still plenty of work out there, if you know where to look. And luckily, we do!

We even have a solution that will help you score a job, but more on that at the end of the article…

1. Food supply chain worker

We’ve probably all experienced the bare supermarket shelves in the past few weeks.

As a result, there is urgent demand for people who can work flexible hours stocking shelves, as well as picking and packing orders for the vulnerable people who can’t visit the shops.

If you’re willing to travel to regional locations, there are also plenty of opportunities to work for farmers who would normally have seasonal workers at this time of year and are now struggling to keep up with panic buying.

2. Admin

Plenty of businesses are still operating, as most admin tasks can be done remotely, but they may be looking to cut costs.

That’s where students come in.

If you have accounting, marketing, HR, public relations or other business experience, reach out to local businesses to see if they need help with your area of expertise.

3. Delivery Services

There is also high demand for delivery drivers to transport much needed supplies from farms to warehouses and grocery stores to homes.

So if you have experience driving bigger vehicles, like vans and trucks, this is a great opportunity for you.

4. Tutoring

With universities and some schools closing down, many students will be adjusting to online learning, but not everyone will have a smooth transition.

If you were particularly good at a certain high school subject, decide on a price and post in your neighbourhood Facebook group offering to tutor students over Facetime.

Or if you did well in a particular unit at university, post in the faculty Facebook page offering your tutoring services to first and second year students.

5. Household maintenance

If more people are staying home, chances are they are going to use more electricity and water, so search for jobs (relevant to your skills) in these industries.

6. Personal training

If you’re a gym junkie that’s suddenly stuck at home, you could run personal training sessions for friends, family and neighbours over Facetime.

Take it one step further by creating a Facebook group that people pay to be a part of – maybe $5 a week – and host at-home workout classes via Facebook live every few days. 

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