5 Reasons You Should Seek Casual Work-Related to Your Degree

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When you think about your uni-friends and the industries that they are in, we can almost guarantee most are in retail or hospitality. And we understand why!

These industries tend to offer flexible working hours and are happy to work around your student timetable.

However, we’re here to tell you why seeking casual work related to your degree is the smarter choice in the long run.

We have got 5 compelling reasons why and the perfect solution to find that job! More on that later…

You'll gain relevant industry experience.

Uni is the essential first step in most careers as it teaches you the theory behind your industry. However, you may find working actually differs from what you were taught.

In fact, most of your valuable knowledge will come from hands-on experience. This will give you a leg-up when it comes time for your graduate interviews.

Relevant casual work will also give you the desirable soft skills your future employers will be looking for. We’re talking initiative, teamwork, creativity, communication and problem solving – but related to your industry!

You'll meet useful industry contacts.

Why should you start making industry contacts early in your degree? You’ll save yourself from the pain of cold calling dozens of companies and organisations post-graduation.

Make a good enough impression on those industry contacts and they’ll let you know about job vacancies as they hear of them. Or better yet, they’ll recommend you for the position.

It will help you with your study.

We’ve all had those assignments where it asks you to interview an industry professional. With a relevant casual job, you’ll have plenty of colleagues to choose from.

You can also use your experience in-class discussion, homework questions and assignments. Being able to apply what you are learning to a real-life example will significantly increase your understanding of the topic.

You’ll understand what it’s like to be a front-line employee.

Let’s say you’re studying engineering. You might seek casual work as a labourer because you’re interested in the construction industry. That experience will not go to waste.

Front line employees face many challenges on a day to day basis that can be hard for their managers or supervisors to understand as they’ve never been in their position. Gaining front line experience now will make you a more empathetic colleague and manager in the future.

It will look AMAZING on your resume.

Employers will look at your ability to hold a casual or part-time job while studying. This implies you can manage your time, understand how a workplace operates and apply some transferrable soft skills.

On top of all of that, your relevant casual work experience will suggest you have some basic industry knowledge, a network of useful contacts and passion for the industry. That’s even more attractive.

Ready to start looking for a relevant casual job while studying?

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Any work experience, regardless of its relevance to your degree, will be beneficial to you and your resume.

However, seeking casual work that is related to your degree is going to set you up for the long-term and give you a head start on that successful career you’re hoping for.