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Studium helps your institution - whether it be a secondary or tertiary education provider - adapt to the everchanging education landscape.

Education Passport

A student's Studium profile becomes their 'education passport' meaning they can take it anywhere. It showcases the skills, academics, certified courses, workplace learning and micro-credentials they collect on their learning journey.

Deeper Insights

High schools and universities are challenged with better understanding their students and providing assistance in future study or employment planning. Studium gives students, guardians and academic staff greater personal and industry insights resulting in better informed decision making.

Enhanced Pathways

Studium helps high schools and universities present their students with diverse education and career options that are suited to their strengths, personality and passions.

Safe and Secure

Studium allows high schools to choose which institutions and employers can connect with their students. When a connection occurs, the student, parents and high school are all notified.

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