Studium's Inverted Recruitment Process

7 Simple Steps:

1. Create your business profile

On Studium only jobseekers can see your profile. Let potential candidates know about your business and what you're looking for WITHOUT pesky recruiters bothering you.

2. Get the right insights

Studium psychometric testing gives you valuable insights about the candidate's hidden traits and natural abilities you don't find elsewhere.

3. Search

Simply put in the search criteria for your role, location and desired traits to search from thousands of potential candidates.

4. Shortlist

Save your shortlist of preferred candidates based on their abilities and when they're ready to start.

5. Connect

Invite your chosen candidates for an online interview.

6. Select

Select the candidate who is best for your business and make an offer.

7. Onboard

Studium provides onboarding tools to make it easy to get your new recruit up to speed. Simply choose your start date and onboard.