Why Hiring a Graduate Needs to Be on Your 2021 Strategy

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Doing business in the modern era is as challenging as ever. Success is no longer simply measured by the bottom line. Real time customer feedback, corporate social responsibility, and up to date technology can make or break you.

Owners, managers and leaders of businesses have enough on their plates running the day to day operations, let alone staying on top of every customer interaction, market trend or latest product. Fortunately, there is a solution – bringing a student or graduate into your business.

Many employers cite cheap labour as a reason to employ a grad and while students and graduates present a cost-effective labour source, they also bring a lot new and diverse skills to your business.

Let’s consider four reasons a graduate can propel your business forward:

1. Talent pipeline

Let’s face it, for the most part, students and graduates don’t have relevant experience, so by hiring for attitude rather than aptitude, organisations can really hone in on the skills and attributes that lead to success.

Aligning skills, attributes and importantly values, to those of the organisation, employers are able to foster culture and engagement which ultimately leads to success.

There is much talk of the transient nature of Generation Z, but the trick to keeping them for the long haul, is varied and challenging work. Today’s manager needs to be able to harness each employees strengths to keep them progressing and loyal to your business.

2. Technological advantages

Generation Z grew up with the internet at their fingertips and bring some serious tech expertise. Business owners, CEO’s, and managers are typically spread pretty thin without having to keep up-to-date with the latest technology changes within their business.

Graduates navigate technology as if it were second nature. Allowing them the opportunity to share these skills with their work mates and peers could prove to be extremely valuable to your business.

3. Workforce diversity

Not only is our society becoming more diverse, studies have indicated that when a company embraces diversity, it can become more innovative and competitive. People from different backgrounds tend to have different experiences and thus different perspectives. Exposure to a variety of different views leads to higher creativity and innovation. With student populations continuing to become more diverse, organizations have an opportunity to infuse themselves with a range of experiences and world views.

4. Energy

Remember your first real job out of university or school? I’m sure you brought the thunder in the early days! Grads want to impress and contribute and Gen Z’ers are wired to succeed.

If you can harness that energy by assigning meaningful tasks that contribute value to the business, you’re sure to benefit.

This current generation is incredibly open to experiences and change, which means they can often find different ways to tackle problems or find solutions.

Creating a talent pipeline within your business ensures that you always have the capability to succeed. By harness this incredibly valuable resource you can ensure your businesses long term viability.