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Studium is pleased to announce a partnership with The Department of Primary Industry and Regional Development (DPIRD) to provide employment opportunities to students, graduates and skilled workers in the agriculture and food space. Traditionally, backpackers and travellers fill a number of seasonal roles across agriculture but with Corona Virus travel restrictions in place, we have seen backpackers denied entry into Australia or leaving our shores for home. This has resulted in a critical number of shortages, which presents an opportunity for domestic students, graduates and skilled workers.

Studium will work with agricultural employers and representative body to supply workers with applicable skills and attributes to those businesses that face a critically short supply.

We encourage any and all Australian workers with specific skill sets (degrees, accreditations, licences, trades) to register and complete their profile now so that they may be immediately found by employers.

That's why we created Studium.

Studium is the smart new way to get your big break while you're still at uni.

1. You never have to apply for a job.
2. You get contacted directly by employers who are interested in you.
3. Discover companies and organisations in industries you're already studying in.

Employers get to have a look at you, and you only have to make one profile, so it takes a lot less time than applying for all these positions, which you never hear back from. 

Overall, I think Studium is offering something that a lot of us students haven't seen before.


Student, Curtin University

You don’t need to wait to start your profession.

All this studying you’re doing is about one thing really, isn’t it? Getting a great job in your preferred field.

Imagine making your mark in the industry that inspired you to learn without having to grovel to employers, pound the pavement doing interviews or spend hours applying.


Studium is the one expert you need in your corner.

Studium is made up of a group of experienced professionals who have a long history in recruitment, running organisations and dealing with universities and industry leaders.

We’ve been working behind the scenes for years to create the perfect platform that makes it easy for both students and employers to find each other and work together in a meaningful way.

Here's How
Studium Works:

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Register with Studium

Studium is the platform students have been waiting for. A place to be found by employers and informed by the market. 

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Create your Student Profile

You can create your student profile in just a few clicks (right from your phone!), adding your personal details, work examples, pics and even an optional video introducing yourself.



Employers Search for You

Employers search Studium for candidates that match their business.

Any employers who are interested in your profile will contact you directly through the platform for a chat.

You start your new career!

When I was creating my profile, I found I was really able to add a personalised touch. I added a photo, a short video about myself and thought I was really able to add depth to some of the unique experiences I had as a student.


Student, Curtin University


What is Studium?

Studium is an online platform that allows students and employers to connect with each other directly. On Studium’s platform, employers are actively looking for students to employ. The student creates their profile just once and gets notifications from employers that they are interested in talking to them about potential jobs.

Jobs on offer can include internships,  work experience, vacation work, part time and full time positions.

How does it work?

Once you register with Studium, we’ll email you a link so you can verify and create your profile. You can upload your pic, resume, work examples and videos among other things. From there, you’ll turn up in employer searches and if an employer thinks you fit, they’ll contact you through the app, where you can reply immediately.

How do employers get in touch with me?

When an employer searches for candidates on Studium, they enter a few search criteria and Studium generates a list of candidates for them.

The Employer will then look at each candidate, and ‘shortlist’ them. If you get shortlisted, Studium will notify you via email and if the employer wants to get in touch, they’ll click a button on your profile which will send you an email/text alerting you that they’re interested in chatting.

From there, you can correspond directly with the employer and set up a phone call, video conference or webchat.

What kind of video should I make?

Your intro video can be in any format or style you like. A simple video shot with your phone will do fine.
As a guide, try to think of what an employer would want to know about you and what qualities you possess that would be attractive to a potential employer.

Why should I register with Studium?

You don’t want to be the only person in your class who’s not getting contacted by employers, do you?More and more businesses are starting their search here.

How do I create my profile on Studium

It’s easy! Just register and our onboarding process will guide you through. You can create your profile on any device from your phone to your desktop, and you can always update it later as you get more experience or new documentation.

Do employers hire university students?

Absolutely! We’ve had a long history of working with employers who have hired a mix of experienced workers and students with success. We’ve even worked with organisations that hire students exclusively.

Many companies recognise the benefits of hiring students. Students tend to be eager to learn, familiar with new technology and have a fresh, unsullied outlook, which can be advantageous to an organisation. Never assume that you’re not valued as a student. You have attributes that are right for many organisations and we’ll help them find you.

Do I need to provide my grades?

Nope. You control your profile so you show what you want to show. Uploading your transcript may be helpful to some employers and we have partnering universities who can supply your academic details, but again, it’s up to you as to whether you display them.

Registering for Studium now will ensure you get notified when it’s time to create your profile. It could be the best career move you ever make! 

Imagine never having to sort through resumes again – with Studium, you get rich, informative profiles of the brightest, new employees giving you all the insight you need for your next hire.